About Us


Explaining SCRIBE DIEM

The name SCRIBE DIEM, ‘Write the day’, is a playful reference to Q. Horatius Flaccus’ metaphor Carpe diem, or ‘Seize the day’ (Oden 1.11).

From the plateau, the Roman soldier has a panoramic view. The range of hills come to an abrupt end, and down below the river flows in several meandering threads. Scattered in the valley stand clusters of Batavian farmhouses. In the distance, a morainic ridge rises, similar to the one he is standing on. The echoing landscape, the magnificent bank of clouds reflected in the water. So many shades of green, such a variety of white and blue. The picture painted is not at all the savage wilderness it is sketched back in Rome.

We write and publish about language, culture, history, nature and sustainability in the broadest sense: with an eye for the smallest detail, and an open mind. From local, regional, nationwide to things and places far beyond.

SCRIBE DIEM is a new company with a fresh perspective: developing, growing and in motion. We love writing about our interests, and would like to help you to write about yours. Our motto therefore is: “To work and play, to write and share!